Sunday, February 10, 2008

kokkugia in warszaw

iSaw is an algorithmic strategy that marries disparate programs in the redevelopment and hyper densification of Warsaw's urban center. This project plays with normative notions of figure ground and posits a programmatic topology which enables two divorced programs - such as a brothel and a monastery - to intertwine, and canoodle unaware of each others presence. Each is offered the opposite extreme of the same topology – two schizophrenically different characters in one topology. This can be thought of as a thickening of the walls, the willful penetration and subversion of one program, deep inside another.

ongoing research into wetFoam geometries, originally developed for the Parachute Pavilion project, is extended here to create a non-linear gradient where the lattice thickens beyond a threshold enabling the solid to become inhabitable – the emergence of a new space. The two spaces share a common membrane and are consequently mutually dependant; however they exhibit vastly different spatial qualities and characteristics.

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