Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Airspace Tokyo

l' Arbre de Flonville

This steel tree designed by Samuel Wilkinson & Oloom as part of a grouping of outdoor furniture for public space in Lausanne, provides shade and its “roots” take the form of benches beneath the wooden canopy

Monday, February 25, 2008

Color TREND 2008

The color Trends for spring 2008

- Calm Purple
- Oriental Orange
- Blue Soul (the biggest trend of them all)

Make up the wall

make up the wall has a new website - worth to have a glance at.


The home of the designer shop indoori - in stockholm. by: purple

Friday, February 22, 2008

LIna Florence - patterned dance floor

Wallpaper designer Linda Florence created a patterned dance floor of sieved icing sugar at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, which served as a stage for a performance by ballroom dancers.

As they moved, the dancers’ feet created new patterns in the sugar, which had been dusted over the floor using stencils.

The sugar dance - officially called the One of a Kind Tea Dance - took place last month as part of the V&A’s Friday Late event on 25 January.

Ayako murata @ Diesel Denim Gallery

Architect Ayako Murata has created an installation at the Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo. The installation, consisting of cables and lamps used on construction sites, creates a series of arches and columns suggestive of classical architecture, but suspended from the ceiling.

text from the architect:


This space imitates the space of arches and pillars, the classic type of architecture, using cables and lampshades used in the construction site. Originally, the space of arches and pillars is built up from the ground against the gravity. But, in this space, the pillars that originally support the weight of the arches are suspended in the air. And these arches do not collapse if they are cut off in the middle because the arch- and pillar-like objects are just the set of the cables and lampshades hanging independently from the ceiling.

However people lay the common image of arches and pillars on this space. Therefore they feel the lampshades for construction sites as the decoration of the pillars, and feel amputated arches and suspended pillars unnatural. These feelings show us the strength of the images or fixed ideas we hold toward the common figure.

The cable and lampshade are the material inspired by denim. Denim derived from the work wear and has evolved into fashion item. And its history is the creation of new sense of beauty and value, like “decolorization,” “vintage,” etc. My proposal is another try to show the new sense of beauty hiding in rugged material.

Nosigner - techtile exhibition

Japanese designer Nosigner created the space for an exhibition called Techtile at the University of Tokyo last November.TECHTILE exhibition mainly staged by 2 researchers of the university, Yasuaki Kakehi, Masashi Nakatani and nosigner. The exhibition focuses at integration of tactile design & latest tactile technology. Nosigner designed visual identities & space design.

Her is what Nosigner has to say:

I was wondering about the primordial tactile experience
before I designed the space.

And finally, I realized the thermal sensing like touching ice
is one of the most primitive tactile experience.

In this exhibition design, I tried to make the space
where recall the memory of tactual sensation of ice.

‘Tacticicle’ is the trial to make huge icicle made from food wrap film.
Huge icicle tubes are made from food wrap film more than 10000m.

You can feel as if your own body get iced in the space.

Xile - Mats Karlsson

Xile, a flexible tunnel designed by Swedish designer Mats Karlsson, is one of three winners of the Forum AID Award 2008,The plastic product, which won the awards’ interior design category, can be used indoors or outdoors and is expandible.

Jean Nouvel in Abu Dhabi

Architecture in the Gulf, here is a full set of images of Louvre Abu Dhabi by architect Jean Nouvel. The project is part of the proposed new cultural district on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lisa Bengtsson - SVÄRMOR

a new "family member" is here
Remember Lisa Bengtsson's beautiful wallpaper "the family"? now she done it again - her second wallpaper is called "svärmor" which means mother in law in Swedish. this is what Lisa says about the wallpaper.
Why shoes?
There is something special about a pair of shoes. It’s an accessory we always need to wear, which changes its appearance depending on where we go. Each shoe breaths a history of our life - some of them stay forever, others leave only a footprint behind. What I like the most about shoes is their profile, silhouette and the relationship between its shape and shadow. “Svärmor” brings to mind the issue of our consumption society and ask the question; do we really need so many new pair of shoes each season?
Do we?
Maybe we do, this wallpaper is a contribution to all the shoe lovers out in the world.
But why the name mother in law?
Well, mother in law is also a happy family member.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

polish pavillion


kokkugia in warszaw

iSaw is an algorithmic strategy that marries disparate programs in the redevelopment and hyper densification of Warsaw's urban center. This project plays with normative notions of figure ground and posits a programmatic topology which enables two divorced programs - such as a brothel and a monastery - to intertwine, and canoodle unaware of each others presence. Each is offered the opposite extreme of the same topology – two schizophrenically different characters in one topology. This can be thought of as a thickening of the walls, the willful penetration and subversion of one program, deep inside another.

ongoing research into wetFoam geometries, originally developed for the Parachute Pavilion project, is extended here to create a non-linear gradient where the lattice thickens beyond a threshold enabling the solid to become inhabitable – the emergence of a new space. The two spaces share a common membrane and are consequently mutually dependant; however they exhibit vastly different spatial qualities and characteristics.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

compact living in the alps

Moormannberge Hotel in Aschau im Chiemgau. A well designed ski resort with minimalistic and pure colors adjusted for the visitors to get the real alp feeling.
all of the furniture is built on location in pine or black or white painted mdf, and the details are either industrial or mid century modern. Very beutiful!

color schemes

Those were the color schemes at top drawer in london, showing colors for the upcomming year.

Monday, February 4, 2008

carpets from HZL by Henzel

Different Carpets from HZL by Henzel. It's a nice change from the regular ones. What about the grey toned with a tree on. Lovely!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

pure nomad - chair

One of my favorite company, Pure Nomad recently made a chair. i like the lightness of it, it's almost that i's going to fly away anytime soon.

origami - curtains

I love origami, and I love these curtains by Hannah Allijn. I don't really understand how they work, but they make a brilliant impression in the windows.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Peter Marigold uses recycled material to create everything but straight lines.