Sunday, July 29, 2007

lounge kuber

Idealiska som rumsavdelare och hylla för till exempel prydnadssaker, ljusstakar, blommor och böcker eller bara som de är -dekorativa i en myshörna! Från Karolin design

Kelly Waestler

Widely celebrated as one of the design industry's most influential players, Kelly Wearstler is the founder of KWID design and the author of Modern Glamour (Harper-Collins). Most recently she appeared as a judge on Bravo's hit show "Top Design", wowing viewers with both her personal style and design commentary.


The new collection of Harlequin wallpaper

Laura Bezant

Laura Bezant takes cult references such as Manga illustration, graffiti and Peter Greenaway's film 'The Pillow Book' and transposes them into covetable jewelry. She juxtaposes words laser cut from leather with hand pierced silver butterflies to create designs that are edgy yet feminine.

Friday, July 27, 2007


nice fabric pattern from reprodepot

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Art of the buisness card

Check out this flickr site of cool buisness cards

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MoHen Design International Office

Classical elements are re-interpreted in terms of their nature and use within a contemporary context in this workspace in Shanghai.

Designed by: MoHen Design International

Two free-standing boxes enclose the pantry, copy room and bathroom right beside the reception desk. The boxes are designed to provide a complimentary visual effect while utilizing the space to its maximum potential.

The user of the space is seen as the focus of the design and each element introduced in the space is to serve him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chandeliers Plexy Baroque

Baroque sensibilities meet modern technology to create a chandelier range that is not only visually appealing, but compact and easy to assemble as well.

Inspired by classic chandeliers, these designs are realized in modern materials using advanced technology.

They are designed so as to enable an ease of assembly of the different parts through a simple procedure of interlocking.

DESIGN: Andrea Langhi

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Absolutly wonderful wallpaper from the dutch company eijffinger

Monday, July 16, 2007

Stol för den som vill bli hörd

Produkt från Ditte hammerström Denna stol som även fungerar som en megafon har ett fantastiskt formspråk som ett underbart uttryck och insisterar på att den som är ensam och sårbar ska få sin röst hörd.

Lysande täckte

Mörkrädd? Med Dittes täcke som även fungerar som en läslampa behöver mörkret inte längre vara ett skrämmande faktum. Täcket tänds automatiskt vid användning och kan justerar genom olika sätt att vika täcket på.

Kate Goldsworthy

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2000 with an MA in Textiles focussed on Sustainable Design, she has been working freelance on varied design and consultancy projects, as well as lecturing in the Design Department at Goldsmiths, Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Art & Design.

Kate works to commission for private and public interiors, as well as for exhibition. Her recent projects include multi-sheer window panels for London restaurant Pied-a-Terre, large textile screens and wall-hangings for an exhibition with the Re-Design collective and translating her textiles into garments for the Crafts Council’s touring exhibition Well-Fashioned: eco-style in the UK

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tick, tack..

Stunning clock designed by the Canadian illustrator Marion Bantjes.


adorable cute ottomans created by talented Canadian designer Jenna Greenberg.

Camilla Meijer

Swedish born Camilla Meijer produces some wonderful patterned wallcovers and cushions.

Suzanne kasler

Suzanne Kaslers ability of putting colours together is amazing. One of my favourite interor designers, when it comes to luxury homes.

Empty frames

There is something about empty frames that seems to be very popular these days. Check also out my previous post about Lisa Bengtsson and her webpage where she shows an empty frame wallpaper.

This image come from Les Vreations de la maison.

colourful day

Everybody posted this stairs and I couldn't resist to do the same. Vanligtvis hatar jag trappor i hem, men dessa skulle jag gärna hoppa upp för varje morgon. Comes from At home with Colour.

Bar code chandelier

bar code chandelier, an oversized chandelier based on the ubiquitous bardcode graphic, lasercut black and transparent acrylic. Design by Antonia Pesenti and Tanguy Le Moing.

next years interiors

We all know that everything we see in fashion will one year later be the trends of interior homes. When the fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York presentet their collection it was all about influences from india, africa, indonesia and the oriental style. Therefor I want to present what we will be especting in the interiors next year. This Images comes from Rangdecor.

And this is were I want to spend the rest of my summer.

Moda Café

Ett annorlunda café-koncept har nyligen tagits fram av Koncept, för ett café som är integrerat i HM-butiken på Sergels torg. Tanken bakom Mode Cafés design är att både identitet och funktioner är placerade i inredningsenheterna, ett "möblerat" koncept.

Detta gäller även belysningen som är en riktig specialare: stora flak med bakbelysta illustrationer som är pendlade från taket.

Lösningen bygger på Flux diffuserande ljusfilm Translucent, screentryckt och sedan spänd över stora ljuslådor, 1,80 x 2 meter. I lådorna sitter dimbara T5-rör och upptill på kanterna sitter skenor med nedåtriktade spotlights för belysning av bord och andra detaljer i inredningen.

Motiven på ljuslådorna anspelar på mode och på Skandinavien.
Här är en uppsättning som har de fyra årstiderna som tema.

Cafét invigs efter sommaren och ligger i HM-butiken på Sergels torg 16.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Tara Murray

Fiffig liten hylla att hänga sina handväskor på. Denna kommer från Tara Murray.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Malin Lundmark

I saw Malin Lundmark the first time at the Milano Furniture fair this year. Her Jewellery lamp is absolutly amazingly cute. The jewellery lover get to use her jewellery an extra time, and the room gets a original touch. It's currently beeing produced by the spanish company Lampister.


Ida-elsje is a southafrican renowned and accomplished artist, who specializes in designing and manufacturing unique and individual pieces. She has an extensive range of exclusive, custom-made earrings that range from small delicate diamonds to large bold chandelier and filigree designs.
She offers a range of stunning jewellery for the summer.






Today I visited a temporary exhibition of the Japanese architecture duo, SANAA at The Museum of Architecture in Stockholm. SANAA represents a new generation of architects looking for new methods for site-specific architecture by questioning established concepts such as transparency and open plans. They frequently use large glazed openings that dissolve the boundaries between interior and exterior.

The exhibition presents work from the beginning of their career until now. It consists of study models, three-dimensional objects, photographs, and video films that are found in-between art and architecture.

They are absolutly one of favourites among the young architects. If you are in Stockholm you have to have a look. Exhibition period until 19 August 2007